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The large precise CNC products, these kinds of as Slow-feeding wire-lower device, jig grinding device and electric powered discharge machine, guarantees the prime good quality precision of mould processing, with the high successful and environmental defense acid rolling line currently being the largest uncooked material changing gear in the area in china The wildly use of computerized milling machine, substantial-velocity automated feeding punch, higher speed automated rolling and assembling machine ensures the substantial top quality and performance of factors and chain generating. Furthermore, WE CAN Create Personalized VARIATORS, GEARED MOTORS, Electric MOTORS AND OTHER HYDRAULIC Merchandise According TO CUSTOMERS’ DRAWINGS. In 2000, EPG took the guide in getting ISO14001 setting administration certificate and thereafter handed the inspection of clear creation and recycling economic climate, profitable the title of “Zhejiang Green Business”.
2000 series EPTT engine-EPT coupling reverse-EPT box established
YOTFJ450~875 series pace-adjustable EPT coupling reverse-EPT EPTT and EPTT device are late-model EPT EPTT goods that made by JICEPTI accoring to qualities of the operating problem of oil drilling rig and mEPTTpump.With advabtage if on-load startup,overload security ,torsional vibration isolation,influence mitigation ,stepless pace regulation,rapid and constant clutch,ectthis product is utilized for the substitute of the standard diesel engine mEPTTpump one pump unit,and gets rid of the want for the conventional mechanical EPTT,air bag clutch and driving belt.The construction is compact and hassle-free for operation and routine maintenance.
The EPTT assortment of the models is:one zero five(140hp)~3000(4000hp)kw,which can fully satisfy the EPT prerequisite of exsiting drilling rig when using two hundred~2200Hp mEPTTmump.Both motor and electric motors can be utilized to be the motor of EPTT unit,when utilizing electric motor and generating total use of gric electrical energy sources,the EPT of strength can be preserve a lot more than 40%.

class Parameters of dieles engine EPTT engine product Coupling
Established type Enter EPTT of coupling
Ge (g/kw.h) N
le209 1200 735 G12V190PZL-1 YOTFJ750-22FLshA CO735F-one/22 695 ge96%
1300 810 G12V190PZL -three YOTFJ750-25FLshA CO810F-three/twenty five 770
1500 900 G12V190PZL YOTFJ750-33FLshA CO900F/33 860
le209 1300 510 G12V190PZL-three YOTFJ750-20FLsh CO510F-3/20 470

Gas EPTT Motor Generator EPT Portion
Utilized gensets:
1. JDEC ChEPTTng motor fuel or diesel
2. a hundred ninety series: 4190,6190,8190,12v190,16v190
3. a hundred% unique
We produce gas and diesel generator and provide spare areas on diese and gasoline engine.

Piston and connection rod assembly:

Ref. No.
Component Number

1 12VB.05.09B Compression ring (best)
two Z12VB.05.11 Compression ring
3 Z12VB.05.twenty Spring expanEPTToil ring
4 Z12VB.05.01C Piston
5 Z12VB.05.08A Piston pin

6 Z12VB.05.fourteen Retain, piston pin
7 Z12VB.05.10.07 Dowel pin
eight Z12VB.05.ten.02 EPTion rod cap
nine Z12VB.05.10.03 EPTion rod bolt
10 Z12VB.05.10.05 EPTion rod bearing, decrease
11 Z12VB.05.ten.04 EPTion rod bearing, higher
12 Z12VB.05.10.06 Washer
13 Z12VB.05.ten.09 EPTion rod nut
fourteen Z12VB.05.ten.01 EPTion rod
fifteen Z12VB.05.ten.08 Tiny conclude bushing
1.CylinEPTThead assembly
Ref. No. Element Quantity Description 12VB.03.00B-Qty
one GB894 Retainer 30/30 two
2 12VB.03.10.03 Rocker arm,exhaust / one
three 12VB.03.ten.06 Plug/ five
four 12VB.05.fifty.01 Bulb head,rocker arm / 2
five 12VB.03.10.02 Bushing, rocker arm / 2
6 12VB.03.10.04 Shaft, rocker arm / 1
seven 12VB.03.fifty.06 Plug/ one
eight 12VB.03.09B Stud,rocker arm/ one
nine GB93 Washer 14 / 14 3
ten Q/JC11013 Nut M14*1.five/14*one.five three
11 12VB.03.04 StEPTT/ two
twelve 12VB.03.10.05A Seat, rocker arm/ 1
thirteen 12VB.03.10.01 Rocker arm,inlet/ one
14 12VB.03.45 Nut/ 2
15 12VB.03.44 Flange/ 1
sixteen 12VB.03.47 StEPTT/ two
17 12VB.03.forty four Sleeve/ 1
eighteen 12VB.03.80.07 Seal ring / two
19 12VB.03.80.06 Sleeve,injector/ one
20 12VB.03.53B Screw / four
21 12VB.03.51 Gasket / one
22 12VB.03.eighty.01A CylinEPTThead / 1
23 12VB.03.80.10 Plug subassembly 2
24 12VB.03.80.08 Zinc block/ 2
twenty five 12VB.03.eighty.twenty Plug subassembly two
26 Q/JC14009 Cooper washer30/30 1
27 12VB.03.80.11 Plug 1
28 12VB.03.eighty.05 Seat,inlet valve / two
29 12VB.03.37A Inlet valve / two
30 12VB.03.eighty.04 Seat, exhaust valve/ 2
31 12VB.03.22 Exhaust valve / two
32 12VB.03.29 Plug / 1
33 12VB.03.eighty.09 Zinc block / two
34 GB898 StEPTTM ten*30/M10*thirty six
35 GB848 Washer ten/ten eight
36 GB93 Washer 10/10 8
37 GB6170 Nut M10/ M10 six
38 12VB.03.eighty.02 EPT XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis./ 4
39 12VB.03.19 Spring seat,reduce/ four
forty 12VB.03.17A EPT EPT, inner / 4
41 12VB.03.17A EPT EPT, OUTER / four
42 12VB.03.fifteen Spring seat, upper/ four
forty three 12VB.03.16A SpEPTT collet / 4
44 GB848 Washer fourteen/14 4
45 GB893 Interior retainer twenty five / 25 four
forty six 12VB.03.70.01 Fork cift / two
forty seven 12VB.03.70.03 Dowel pin / 2
forty eight 12VB.03.80.03 Plug / one
forty nine 12VB.03.70.04 Wire retainer / 2
50 12VB.03.70.02 XiHu (West EPT) (West EPT) Dis. rod/ two
fifty one 12VB.03.30B Bulb head, rocker bridge / 2
fifty two 12VB.03.90B Adjusting screw subassembly/ 2
53 12VB.03.03B Rocker bridge / 2
54 12VB.03.60B Changing screw subassembly/ two
55 GB6173 Nut M14*one/M14*one 4
56 GB5782 Bolt M8*thirty/M8*thirty four
fifty seven GB848 Washer eight/eight four
58 12VB.03.02 Upper go over,cylinEPTThead / 1
59 12VB.03.11 Seal ring I/I 1
sixty GB5782 Bolt M10*one hundred/I four
sixty one 12VB.03.14E Reduce go over,cylinEPTThead / one
62 12VB.03.12A Seal ring II/II one

How to choose the rigEPTT product?
one. Fuel sort: fuel or diesel
2. EPTT in Kilowatt
three. Motor quantity
four. EPT elements picture, operate, excess weight, item number, Eg.: 3032451 Ring Oil.

Our Companies :
All spares elements on our gensets provided by us. one hundred% authentic.

  in Sanaa Yemen  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Yotfj450~875 Series Speed-Adjustable Hydraulic Coupling Reverse-Gear Reducer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Sanaa Yemen  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Yotfj450~875 Series Speed-Adjustable Hydraulic Coupling Reverse-Gear Reducer manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler